How to Open Tree House Play School Franchise

By | April 5, 2024

In the earlier days, women were more prone to being at home while men ventured out to earn income to run the family and meet up with commitments. Today’s typical scenario is, women are equally educated as well as employed as much as men are. Both tend to go out of house to work and earn money for survival in many cases.

Tree House Play School Franchise

Tree House play school franchise

The other reason why both men and women tend to work is that they want to improve their quality of living and provide their children with a high quality life. The high cost of living and increased desire of people to equal the standards of peers also drives people to opt for both parents working.

The nuclear family system makes it hard for working couples to manage their children and they seek external assistance to handle this aspect of their life. Play schools provide the advantage of taking good care of the children while parents are away on their work. Particularly Tree House Play School is considered by hundreds of parents as a home away from home for their children

Advantages of becoming a Tree House Play School Franchise

Tree House Play school is one of the best brand play school in India. Managed by Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd. This play school is known for its systematic approach and disciplined way of functioning.

The number of prestigious awards Tree House Play School has won is innumerable. terms Tree House Play School as one of the Top 10 innovative companies in the education sector in India.

Tree House Play School was endowed by the VC Circle Annual Award during the year 2013 with Best PE/VC Award. Economic Times acknowledged Tree House Play School as one of the fastest emerging Preschool in the Western part of India.

Tree House Play School accepts admission of children who is just one year old. The curriculum and activities planned by Tree House Play School for children who belong to different age groups is highly commendable. This quality and discipline maintained by Tree House Play School has made it the number one choice of parents over the other brands which are in similar business. The high quality education provided by Tree House Play School has made the brand an established one.

Cost of Investment and Space requirements for becoming a Tree House Play School Franchise

The cost of investment to start a Tree House Play School Franchise is approximately 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs. The space requirement for opening a Tree House Play School is approximately 1000 square feet. Tree House Play School management insists that the space identified for opening a Franchise must be preferably ground floor so it can be safe for the children. Play area in the premises outdoor must be allocated for physical activities of the children.

Due to the nature of the business, Tree House Play School management insists that the Franchise obtains a no objection certificate from the neighborhood if the same is located in residential area. It also insists in getting a commercialization certificate from the local Municipality office.

It is the responsibility of the Franchise management to recruit all staff including Teachers, Assistants, cleaners and other back office staff before opening the Franchise. Tree House Management offers guidance and pictures to be made available in the Franchise venue. While the break even period to get return on investment can be approximately 2 years the minimum break even is around 50% of the investment.

Tree House Play School Contact Details:

Corporate Office :
301, Embassy Chambers,
3rd Road,
Khar West, Mumbai- 400052.
Telephone: 022- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296

702, Morya House, ‘C’ Wing,
Off Link Road,
Near Infinity Mall,
Andheri (W), Mumbai -400053

Email :
Website :

Phone: 02240492227 / 02240492230
Toll free no: 1800843788

Get in touch with Tree House Play School through contacts available in their official web site and become the prestigious Franchise of a high class play school in India. πŸ™‚

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