Starting Quiznos Franchise: Investment, Cost, Royalty fees, Profit

By | August 9, 2022

Fast food is the trend of the day. The taste for quick foods is increasing every passing day. Today’s younger generation, in particular like such fast foods which are hot and spicy. Many fast food restaurants have been emerging in India during the past two decades invading the food industry in an astonishing manner.

How to Start Quiznos franchise In India

Starting Quiznos franchise in India

While many such fast food establishments have been invading the Indian food industry from the west, the foods that offer have a great variety to eat. The astonishing varieties provided by such fast food joints attract people of all ages inadvertently. Though many foreign brands have come into enrich the Indian food sector some brands have a stronger hold on the industry through their contribution to the same.

Through the quality of food provided to the customers and the consistency in the taste offered some brands keep a tight control over their customers. One such brand that has a very strong customer base is Quiznos.

Is becoming a Franchise of Quiznos a profitable venture?

Quiznos is a highly established food brand in US that has been successfully surviving in the sector for over 32 years. Quiznos is considered as the pioneer who introduced tasty delicious varieties of toasted sandwiches, it also offers flavorsome vegetarian and spicy non-vegetarian food items to its customers. In the year 2011 Quiznos started its first outlet in Hyderabad.

Quiznos brings with it commendable rich experience of over 32 years and this acts as one of its major strengths. With 4000 food outlets across US, Quiznos has spread across its wings in many more parts of the world. It operates in almost 35 countries across the world.

This strength is being leveraged by Quiznos to go in for many numbers of Franchisees across India. Quiznos brings with it the highest quality experience in providing quality foods to the customers that are unique in nature and one of its kinds.

While the other brands focus in pizzas and other type of western food items, Quiznos specializes in offering Sandwiches that are unique in taste and quality. This acts as the selling point for the Quiznos brand while cashing on the brand name it has established in a majestic market like the US. Adding to all the above positives the brand brings with it, the service offerings and support offered by Quiznos to its Franchisees make it the main reason for one to become a Franchise for the brand

Cost of investment and space requirement to become a Quiznos Franchise

The total investment involved in becoming a Quiznos Franchise is 25 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs rupees in India. This amount is to be paid towards interior decorations to suit Quiznos requirements, fixtures and furniture’s and Franchisee fees to Quiznos.

The space requirement to open a Quiznos Franchise is 1400 square feet, the minimum space requirement may rise up or go down according to the area Quiznos is planned to be opened.

While the cost of investment as well as space requirement differs from location to location where the Quiznos Franchise is planned to be started, it may be more in metro cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Return on investment from Quiznos Franchise is expect to be based on many factors like cost, area of the Franchise, quality of foods served, business prudence of the person running the Franchise etc.

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Log on to the official website of Quiznos and fill in the application available in the site for becoming a Franchise. If you satisfy all their conditions, you will be provided a Franchise license. πŸ™‚

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