Top 10 Restaurant Franchise Business Opportunities In India

By | April 11, 2024

If you are looking for setting up a new venture that would yield a good amount of profit, then investing on a restaurant could be one of the best options for you. Yes, the food court business has boomed up in the last two decades owing to the extensively busy and mechanical lifestyle of people. Also having a meal in a good restaurant has become a symbol of status and who does not want to hold a high status in the society. Thus, with the invasion of western culture into the day to day life of the masses, the restaurant business is also on a hike.

Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunities In India

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

So if you want to lay down a new business, this line could be the best one for you. However, it would not be an easy task for anyone to win the trust of people without a good banner, hence; one needs the assistance of a franchise to start his business from scratch. Given below are top 10 restaurant franchises in India:

Pizza Hut:

Pizza hut is a name that has become popular among the children as well as the elders. One of the most successful in this field, pizza hut is also the largest food chain in the country. To get the franchise of this company one needs to invest an amount of about 2.5 crore along with a royalty fee of 6% on sale. This is a golden company to invest on if you have a handsome amount to invest.

Kenny Rogers Roasters:

This is yet another household name in the food court industry. Belonging to giant Yum, KRR holds the reputation of best roasted chicken. You would need to invest an amount of 1 crore to avail its franchise but this large amount also includes the floor area of about 2500 sq feet. It is a good deal for large businessmen as the return after the investment is quite good.


KFC has earned a good name in the non-veg food industry over the last decade. In India also it is pretty famous for its tasty menu and good services. To avail its franchise, one needs to invest an amount of about 1 crore along with 4% royalty charges on the sale. However, the restaurant would give an assured return in just 2-3 years reflecting that the investment is justified if you want fast and long term investment plan.


Subway is one of the most renowned names in the business of restaurant. Established in 1974, it has large a large chain of food courts all over the world. You would need to invest an amount of about 25 lakh and a onetime amount of 4.5 lakh to avail the franchise of this reputed company. However, the great amount of investment will be compensated by the large scale advertisement schemes of the company.

Taco Bell:

It is among the top three franchises in India due to its delicious menu that satisfies the Indian taste as well as matches the world class services. This brand of food market Yum, needs you to have a large investment of about 3 crore with large amount of assured returns.

Restaurant Franchise opportunities in india

Haldiram’s Prabhuji:

Haldiram’s is an iconic and a renowned name in the industry of food and restaurants. It requires a minimum investment of 2 crore and a minimum floor area of 2500 sq feet. If you are situated in west India then you can enjoy better expansion opportunities. This investment would bring you a good output.

Thaggu ke laddu:

This is a well established venture in sweets industry. It requires a nominal investment of about 15 lakh and a floor area of 200 sq feet. It is a legendry name in northern household and can grab you good results.

Grill Inn:

It is one of the best names in the fast food industries just at a nominal investment of 10-20 lakh. Also the floor area requirement is about 100- 2500 sq feet.

New York pizza and fried chicken:

It is a new name in the fast food field but it has become of the leading ones in short time. So if you are low in investment and looking for a trustable brand then this is just perfect for you.


This is another rapidly growing name in this industry. It requires an investment of 30-50 lakh but the return is satisfactory. Hence it is a good option for amateur who wants to get themselves established in this business. 🙂

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