How to Franchise Dixy Fried Chicken

By | April 12, 2024

About Euro Ltd. Dixy Fried Chicken

The Dixy Fried Chicken Euro Ltd is a UK- based, Registered Fast Food Company, founded in 1986 and traded since 1986. It was established by two very accustomed entrepreneurs who had the foresight for a brand of Chicken that could cater for UK’s diverse population. The Founders have comprehensive experience in the restaurant business of Quick Service, including holding senior positions in a significant brand company before deciding to venture alone.

Dixy is now one of England’s most prominent chains to implement fast food hygienically. The founders ‘ tough work and dedication to quality gradually paid off as more and more individuals throughout England wished to open their own franchise under the Dixy brand. Over 80 Dixy outlets currently exist throughout England, Syria, Pakistan, Norway, and Brunei.

Dixy Chicken India Pvt Ltd is a joint venture between Panban Restaurants India and Dixy Fried Chicken Euro Ltd UK. In 2006, Dixy Fried Chicken Euro Ltd, UK, joined Panban Restaurants, India in a joint venture to spread their mouthwatering foods to the Indian market. Dixy now provides entrepreneurs in India a lifetime franchise opportunity. Among many others, Dixy stores will open in 2012 in Trivandrum and Kolkata.

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Additional Facts:

  • Investment: Rs. 50lac – Rs. 1 Cr.
  • Area Required: 1000 Sq. Ft.

Contact Details

Dixy Chicken India Pvt. Ltd.LB-2/2, Manu Apartments,

Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi 110091

Tele Phone No. : 011-011-22752364, 22759364,

Mobile No. : + 91-9560454030, 9899701700

E-mail Id :

Website :

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