How to Get Royal Enfield Dealer Franchise In India

By | April 15, 2018

If you want to become a Royal Enfield Dealer then you are on right place. Royal Enfield is considered as one of the prestigious brand motorbike among the many other brands in India. Basically a company which is rooted in England, the brand spreads over big countries like UAE, Japan, Germany, France, USA and UK.

Royal Enfield Franchise Opportunity

Royal Enfield Franchise

The brand is in existence for over 120 years and in all these years it has remained a majestic symbol of motorbike that did not require any sort of advertising. Such is the impact that the brand has made in the minds of commoners that its business structure stands as a role model for many similar brands in India and across the globe.

Factors that contribute to the success of Royal Enfield dealership in India

One of the main factors that make Royal Enfield dealership a profitable one is the well established brand name it has earned across the globe. The quality offering of the product is of such high levels that the vehicle is capable of a long life despite the bad road conditions and environmental factors. The other major factor is the prestige symbol it stands for which makes the owners of the vehicle feels proud driving it.

Amidst the heavy competition that the other two wheelers or motor bike brands face in the market, Royal Enfield stands out of the crowd as an imminent leader. Despite these positive aspects, Royal Enfield is most economically priced enabling affordability for all people interested in riding a high quality prestigious branded motor bike.

Investment cost to become a Royal Enfield Franchisee

Those who want to start a Franchisee for Royal Enfield Motor Bikes must make 4000 Sq Ft. ready for the showroom space. While the lump amount that need to be paid to Royal Enfield parent company ranges between 50 Lakhs rupees to 1 Lakhs, an additional 1 Lakhs is added to the investment as Franchisee fee. This is also supposed to be paid to the Royal Enfield parent company. The dealer who takes the Franchisee is expected to pay 5% out of the total gross sales every month and this is termed as the Royalty fee.

The new Franchisee can seek the assistance of Royal Enfield for all details about the existing and new models. They also get complete support and assistance pertaining to all query, pricing, stock availability and delivery commitments.

In fact Royal Enfield’s support is available for the new Franchisee right from selecting the showroom space for the new dealership. Trainings for the new Franchisees are provided from two bases namely Chandigarh and Chennai.

How to apply for the Royal Enfield dealership

Whoever wants to apply for the Royal Enfield dealership may do so through the application available in the Royal Enfield website. Many details are asked for in the application mainly pertaining to the personal capabilities of the applicant to run the Franchisee, initial investment possibility and source of the same, viability of the proposal or plan submitted by the applicant, personal details like mobile number, mail ID and contact address.

Apart from understanding about the future plans of the person who intends to take a dealership, the current financial and personal portfolio of the person is also asked for. Ensure you provide all the details asked for in a complete and precise manner. When your application speaks for yourself, it will automatically make the Royal Enfield management award you the prestigious dealership many long for.

Once you fill in the application on all aspects and submit in their website, based on their background check and assessment, Royal Enfield management may touch base with you if they choose you to be one of their dealers. 🙂

33 thoughts on “How to Get Royal Enfield Dealer Franchise In India

  1. Rameshkumar

    I am interested to open Royal Enfield show room and services . I am planing open mecheri*(salem district). 15yrs experience for production .how to opening and investment method tell me sir

  2. Anil Kumar

    Sir I want a another Authorized Dealership for Enfield Motorcycle in Muzaffarnagar city,I have sent a request before also, there is more scop and much demad for your vehicle, I have got a suitable plot. 850 sqare metre.So please give me a chance,I will be thankful to you.Mobile nos:9415607560,9761444222


    I am interested in open Royel Enfield showroom and service. I am planning open in babatpur(near airport) varanasi District (U.P.)Plz How to get the dealership contet no.Plz me.9336877432/9305060586 plz.Reply to me and tell me company terms and conditions.


  4. Dipankar Dey

    I want to start a business as a dealer of Royal Enfield bike. I need a person who help me to get the dealership. The location is Chakdah or Ranaghat, District- Nadia, State- West Bengal.

    Dipankar Dey

  5. Manoranjan Tripathy

    Hello Sir;
    am interested to open Royal Enfield showroom and service. I am planning open in my city Nayagarh,Odisha plz contact me and plz send this franchise information about in my mail .
    Contact: 09238305162/9438454300

  6. Abhijot sharma

    Hello sir I m abhijot sharma and i am interested in royal enfield agency. Since there is no bullet agency in around 100 km in my district….. sir i have around 5000 sq mts of building located on national highway and a stock yard of around 50000 sq mts too ….. please give me a opportunity .

  7. Vijay gupta

    I am intrested to Royal Enfield shooroom opening to frenchaisees please information me……

  8. Bobby Mazumdar

    I am interested in starting a dealership business of Royal Enfield in Mangaldoi, Darrang District.

    Kindly help me in this regard.

    B. Mazumdar

  9. Rajan Mishra

    I want to open a royal enfield showroom in my city. I can do anything for open it at any cost…plz reply me as soon as possible.

  10. Rahul Mittal

    Hlw sir I’m Rahul Mittal from Manesar District Gurgaon
    I am interested to open a Royal Enfield showroom because there is no bullet showroom within 35km area(Gurgaon Rajiv chowk to bilaspur) its great opportunity for me I’m waiting for your valuables feedback

  11. Navneet Priya

    Dear sir ,

    I am interested in dealership of Royal Enfield in my city.
    Kindly help me.


  12. sujeet

    i have need of royal enfield franchise at my city bhagalpur gaon kahalgaon ntpc plzz call me
    my cont. no. is 9155436115

  13. Prabhat kumar jain

    Prabhat kumar jain

    Hello sir
    Am intrested to open Royal Enfield.
    Showroom and service. I am planning open in my city
    Koilwar.plz contact me and. Plz
    Send this franchise in formation about in my mall
    Contact: 9709151734
    Email id:

  14. Vipin Sharma

    I Would Like To Start A Dealership In My Town.
    What All Are The Steps To Be Followed For The Same ? I Would Like To Know Each And Every Steps And Credentials Needed For Getting The Idea Executed Succesfully ?

  15. Devjoot Singh

    Devjoot Singh in Ambikapur Chhattisgarh Ambikapur model 7000089966 = pin 497001.
    I’m interested in open Royal Enfield Showroom & Service. Please Call = 8461072100.

  16. Sunil kumar

    Im N.R.I. from South america Brasil
    Need to get Dealership of Royal enfield to Invest in Rajasthan Anywhere..

  17. Amit pathak

    Hloooo sir
    I want take Royal Enfield Dealership At kasganj district ( u.p ) plz tell me that how to get the dealership contact no. 0 9719643555 – 09758021511 – 09412866747 pls tell me dealership information …
    Email :

  18. prashant salunkhe

    Hello Sir;
    am interested to open Royal Enfield showroom and service. I am planning open in my city dhule plz contact me and plz send this franchise information about in my mail .
    Contact: 9552222913
    Email Id:-

  19. Harish Bhardwaj

    I want dealership for Hansi 125033 Haryana

    Will fullfill all critearea and terms.


    Please support Me for new dealership of following address
    Dist -Ahmednagar
    State- Maharashtra.
    Contact no-7218863350.

  21. Rajesh singh

    Sir’ i am bussinessman in sultanpur of iron holesaler and i live in sultanpur (u.p) sir i am intrested to take royalenfield agencey in my city if thete is any requierment please inform me my mobile no is 09889045402


    I am interested to open royal Enfield show room
    And services. I am planning open in roorkee by bass
    On the hiway how to get the franchise do proceed
    My contact no 9897341920

  23. Prashant

    Sir I want to take a dealership in Auraiya city area uttar Pradesh. I have one year experience Nissan motors dealership car showroom in Etawah.
    Thanks plz reply and tell me company terms and condition so we proceeded further action in this regard.

  24. Nithin videm

    Hi ,

    I nithin ,I’m looking for royal enfield franchise can any one please suggest me to contact who is the right person to meet . I’m basically from usa I want establish a business in my home country with my sibling help . please contact me on +1 510-925-6595 or +91-9666114610 my brother( Manoj ) ).

  25. Ajit kumar singh

    I am interested to open Royal Enfield showroom and service. I am planning open in Madhepura district (Bihar) How to get the dealer ship contact no- 9835207985

    1. Sanjeev mohan singh

      I am interested in open Royel Enfield showroom and service. I am planning open in Karwi District (U.P.)Plz How to get the dealership contet no.Plz me.7905474493/9696123737 plz.Reply to me and tell me company terms and conditions.

  26. Umraz Khan M

    I am interested to open Royal Enfield showroom and service. I am planning open in chickballapur. How to get the franchise. Do proceed. Contact:7411435937

  27. Abhishek singh

    Abhishek singh in Allahabad need franchise of Royal Enfield Allahabad in any places please call 9793360000 9415365466

  28. Harshit Goel

    Need Of Royal Enfield Franchise At Any City At Any Cost.


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