Top 10 Retail Franchise Business Opportunities in India

By | March 16, 2021

Are you looking for opportunities by opening franchises in your locality? There are various companies that offer franchises from which you can select. As India is turning out to be the economical hub in South East Asian region many companies are coming to India and offering to open their franchises. Let us see some of the 10 top franchises that you can select from.

Best Retail Franchise In India 2017

Retail Franchise Business Opportunities

1) Gelato Vinto

It is a food and beverage company who is interested in opening franchise in India. You can grab this offer if you have an area of 50 to 300 sq. feet in a prime location. You must also have the capability to invest around Rs. 5 lakh to Rs.30 lakh.

They will be providing you with the necessary training and make your staff able to carter to the valued customers that will be coming to your store.

2) Archies

It is a card and gifts company since 1979. It is making its presence felt through 500 national and international franchise outlets. So, why don’t you take a franchise of this company? They offer two types of franchise namely, Archies Gallery and Paper Rose store.

If you are interested in Archies Gallery you will require a space of 500 to 700 sq. ft. and an investment of Rs. 20 lakh. For the other variety you will require 300 to 500 sq. ft of space and an investment of Rs. 12 Lakh. You will only be requiring 2 to 4 employee to run your store in a profitable manner. So, which one is you interested in?

3) BSA

BSA is a company owned by Ti cycles. They already have 400 franchise stores that are running successfully and you can be the next one. For having this franchise you require a space of 1000 to 1200 sq. ft and have the capacity to invest between Rs. 10 to 20 lakh. They will be giving you are your staff proper training to sale the cycles and make the customers understand the benefits of having those.

4) Funz

It is owned by Funz Infinitum Technologies (p) Ltd. It is basically an entertainment company and as of now has only 8 franchises. The scope of having franchise is great over here. If you are interested you will be requiring a space of nothing less than 525 sq. ft and have financial strength of spending Rs. 20 to 30 Lakh. After they offer you the franchise they will provide you proper training and equipments to run your business.

5) Refeel

It is owned by Refeel Cartridge Engineering and deals with cartridges. You can apply online to have its franchise. This is a profitable way to earn as cartridges are required by all who have printers. Likewise you require a space of 300 to 400 sq. ft and invest Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs.

Retail Franchise Opportunities in India


It is an educational institute and has only 5 franchises. It is also a profitable investment and you can have a go at it. By just applying online you can make your intention known to them. The space required is slightly more it is in the range of 2000 to 3500 sq. ft and the initial investment of Rs. 10 to 15 lakh.

7) Go Foodiezz

Owned by Go it is a food and beverage company. It has at present 30 franchises all over India. The area requirement is 350 to 700 sq. ft and initial investment of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore. It is a bit costly but it gives return too in that manner.

So, have you made up your mind? Not yet? Ok, let us see some more.

8) Reid & Taylor

You must be aware of this company. Would you like to have a franchise of this design and fabrication company? Yes, it is possible. There are certain requirements like a space of 1200 to 2500 in carpet area and an investment of Rs. 3 to 5 lakh.

9) Vishal Mega mart

If you are really one that loves sale clothing then this is the one that you should select. They are ready to give franchise to those who have a space of 3000 sq. ft and spend Rs. 3 To 5 lakh. If you are ready just apply online

10) Gift Shopee

This is a store where you can find anything related to gifts. You can be a franchise holder if you have just 100 sq. ft of space and able to invest Rs. 2 to 5 lakh. 🙂

So, Here we have shared Best Retail franchise opportunities in india. If you face any problem do comment below, we will help you asap. 🙂

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