How to Start Lakme Salon Franchise: Cost, Requirement and Profit

By | November 28, 2017

Many of us become awestruck when we suddenly see a beautiful lady crossing us closely. It is when we realize that we have crossed someone who is very famous in the society that we feel lucky. We describe about her flawless skin and mesmerizing fragrance in those few seconds.

How to Open Lakme Salon In India

Lakme Salon franchise India

This is all possible through genuine beautification products which are of high quality. Women have always been highly conscious about being beautiful. Not all beautification products are reliable. However, one reliable brand that always ensures women looks beautiful always is Lakme. We provide here some pertinent information about becoming the much coveted Franchise of Lakme in India

Assured profitability for Lakme Franchisees

Some industries never acquire loss. Beauty is one such industry that never lets its owners down. As long as women exist with the desire to project themselves beautiful, businesses that deal with beautification products never die. The established brand has 5 beauty salons across India which is directly owned by them. These are more of training and excellence centers. The other centers established by Lakme all around the country are more of business partners.

When it comes to beauty, people relate them only with good brands that offer high quality harmless products. Particularly there is huge market potential for beauty products in India since women who opt for beauty are increasing in number every passing day.

More women have got external exposure and for their own convenience and career scopes they tend to groom themselves in a presentable manner. This increases the scope of business for beauty products which are perpetual in nature.

Anyone who becomes a Franchise for Lakme can be assured of continuous profitability owing to the nature of products and the high volume business prospects. While sales of these products do not depend on any one particular region, the area of sales is so wide that sky becomes the limit.

The person who becomes a Franchise for Lakme products is void of spending any effort and money on branding and advertising since the brand is already an astoundingly established one. The high quality of the products offered by Lakme makes it a preferred brand over others by millions of women across the country. While the products of Lakme are highly competitive, the reality is that Lakme products do not really have any serious competition making it highly profitable and easy to sell.

Cost of investment for becoming a Lakme Salon Franchise

The space requirement recommended for a Lakme Franchise is minimum 800 Sq. Ft and maximum 1000 Sq Ft. Cash requirement to open a Lakme Franchise showroom is 25 Lakhs. When a Franchise showroom is opened making such huge investments, the services the Franchise gets from the parent company is astounding.

Be it the training given for providing world class services in the Franchise establishments or the state of the art salon products provided to the Franchisees, it makes the Franchise owner feel out of the world giving him a confidence that success is just a door away.

Lakme believes in providing high class training to its Franchisees so that the Franchisees get an extra edge from a sales point of view. Lakme also provides certificate to trained Franchisees on their ability to be a Lakme Franchisee providing flawless service to its customers. Lakme ensures the quality of its Franchisees is maintained by conducting periodical audits every now and then.

LakmΓ© Lever Ltd.
1st Floor, Shree Nivas House,
H Somani Marg, Behind Bombay Gymkhana,
Fort, Mumbai – 400001

Phone no. – +91 22 39832117
Email Id. :
Website :Β

Application Process for becoming a Lakme Franchise

Log on to Lakme website and fill up the application form provided in the same for becoming a Franchise. Become the Franchise of the leading brand dealing with beatifying India. πŸ™‚

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  1. Dr. Vivek Kumar shukla

    I like to open Lakme saloon for females in Unnao district in uttar pradesh.
    I want to now the franchise detail and how it’s work please send me the requirements detail and how much area need for it.
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    Dr.vivek Kumar shukla

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    i have more than 1000 square foot carpate area on B T road main road. 9331214542.

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    If any one wants to be partner or share information, they are most welcome. Please contact me as per above details.

    Thanks in advance
    Kunal Mittal

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    hii iam from andaman nicobar islands .portblair iwant to start herw i want ur suggestions

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    I am interested for lakme frenchies please mail me the details of it with ROI and other terms and conditions in Details. I wanted to open it at arrah Bihar

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    I am interested in lakme salon franchise . Can u please email me ur requirements & how it’s works.
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