How to Open KFC Franchise In India: Investments, Cost and Profit

By | April 23, 2018

If you are thinking to start a KFC Franchise Business in India, then you are on perfect place. Here you will get complete details of kfc franchise cost, fees, price, requirements, application process, kfc dealership and contact details. KFC Headquartered in Louisville, United States, Kentucky Fried Chicken has made its presence in almost 20,000 locations across the globe. Having its branches in 123 countries, it is the world’s second largest restraint chain.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s first Franchisee was opened in Utah in the year 1952. Since then, the fried chicken brand has extended its branches in an astonishing manner in all parts of the globe.

KFC Franchise Business Opportunities

kfc franchise cost and investments

Is becoming a KFC Franchise a profitable business deal?

While this question may be a pertinent one for people planning to open a KFC Franchise, for others who knows the brand well this may appear to be a mockery. KFC Franchise is a much sought for offer and many aspire for a profitable business association with KFC.

KFC is such an established brand which has already proven its high standards to people across the world. This being the fact, the prospective candidate who wants to take a Franchise gets rid of advertising and marketing efforts and cost right from the first day of business. The prospective candidates also get rid of efforts to attract customers since the quality of KFC is an established one.

The brand is so established that it cost aspect never become the point of argument with the customers at any point of time. Through it stringent assessment standards in selecting the Franchise KFC ensures that all Franchise starts earning profit in a minimum break even period.

Requirement to become a KFC Franchise

KFC has set very high standards for people aspiring for a business association in the name of Franchise. The well laid out standards assesses the potential candidates who seek to open a Franchise through questionnaires that fall under six categories. These six categories assess the financial qualifications and personal financial reputation of the candidate. It also assesses the candidate’s multi unit operational experience and growth mindset along with his motivation and commitment levels. Culture and Brand fit are the other two aspect on which the prospective candidate is assessed on.

By assessing the prospective candidates on various areas like business ownership experiences, criminal convictions records, willingness to agree to the obligations written out and other key areas KFC offers distributorship only to strong candidates. The detailed questionnaire every candidate is provided with for filling up draws out clarity in their minds regarding the various aspects of the business deal.

Investment requirements to start a KFC Franchise in India

While the investment details to start a KFC Franchise in India needs to be ascertained from KFC directly, an indicative cost of the same seems to be minimum 1 crore approximately. While the return on investment can be expected between the 2nd and 3rd year, the agreement period signed by KFC is usually 20 years.

The renewal of contract between KFC and the Franchisee depends on various factors thought the major one is the business success exhibited by the Franchise. KFC’s market presence in a typical Indian scenario speaks volumes about its success.

If you have the money power and aspiration to get associated with this multi national brand food chain, go in for this prestigious association without any further delay.

Fill in the application in KFC website providing all pertinent details being asked for. If your application is accepted after assessing all your details, a mail will be sent to you and you can take it forward as per the instructions provided thereafter. If your application for starting a Franchise gets rejected the first time don’t get dejected. Apply the second time and you may get lucky since KFC is rapidly expanding.

KFC India Contact Details (For opening a franchise)

Vishal Razdan
Deputy Manager – Business Development
Yum! Restaurants ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
Global Business Park
Tower D, 12 Floor
Gurgaon – 122002, India.

Email Contact: franchisee.india at

You also contact KFC by following this link:

I hope that you got enough details about to start a KFC Franchise business in your area. All the best for your KFC business. 🙂

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