Top 10 Best Pizza Franchise Opportunities In India

By | May 14, 2024

Who does not know this super famous Italian dish – Pizza? From children to adults, this dish is rated the top food item that is ordered as a dine in or take away food in most of the restaurants and hotel offering this in their menu.

Top 10 Pizza Franchises In India (2017)

Pizza Franchise Opportunities In India

Overview: Pizza

Pizza is a dish that has taken its origin from a Neapolitan cuisine. It is a baked dish, usually on round bread which has a heap of toppings that include a sauce of tomato, cheese and vegetable toppings (veg and non veg).

So, if you have already begun to crave for a pizza, here are the top 10 franchises that you can walk in to right away –

#1: Domino’s Pizza

No Indian has been far from this pizza store. This is known to be the second largest franchise for pizza with over 10 thousand franchises and corporate stores spread across countries. This is the store that guarantees 30 minutes delivery. So, go ahead and try their special cheese burst pizzas today.

#2: Pizza Hut

A company based out of America, entered into the Indian market and there has been no looking back since then. This is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands inc, which is the globe’s largest restaurant. Present in over 40 cities of India, Pizza hut takes pride in offering a wide range of veg and non-veg pizzas.

#3: Pizza Corner

This pizza franchise was founded in the year 1996 by GFA (Global Franchise Achitects). This store specializes in providing Indian tastes in Pizza with options of hand tossed crusts. It also provides 30 minutes guaranteed delivery within their home delivery range.

#4: Papa John’s

This store is known all over for its excellent pizza tastes and extraordinary customer service. It has been acclaimed as the ‘best pizza’ in the surveys collected. It has a wide variety of pizzas along with pastas and beverages. Also rated as the highest quality of pizza since the last 6 years!

#5: US Pizza

This pizza franchise has been rated as India’s number one pizza brand. As one can understand from the name, it is a brand owned by a US company, United Restaurants Limited. This company was incorporated in our country. It is the first pizza franchise that takes the lead in using freshly baked pizza bases. They offer home delivery too in certain cities of India.


#6: Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza

This pizza chain is an Indian origin, with its headquarters in Mumbai. It has approximately 50 outlets spread across the country. This store has a specialty of pizza sandwiches apart from offering basic Italian dished including garlic breads and salads. This store originated in India, and has been successful in spreading their operations to international cities as well.

#7: Sal’s Pizza

This Pizza franchise, Sal’s Pizza is a chain based out of New England. The specialty of this store is that it is known to serve a 19 inch pizza that weighs three pounds. This pizza outlet is spread in various cities of the country and is known to deliver an average of about 60, 000 pizzas on a weekly basis.

#8: California Pizza

More popularly known as CPK, this is a brand that is more popular for its innovative flavors. So far they have impressive innovation for both veg and non veg. Some of their special pizzas include Thai Chicken Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza etc. They have also been innovating in Pastas and salads and also serve a wide variety of desserts and sandwiches.

#9: Chicago Pizza

This is one pizza franchise that is known to serve core non veg pizzas including Buffalo wings, subs and breadsticks. This is an outlet that has its origin chains in Ohio.

#10: Eagle Boys

This is an Australian based Pizza chain that had entered the country and created quite a rage. It is known that it was acquired by Pizza Hut, in November 2016 and from there on, this franchise, Eagle Boys has been developing their stores all over India. They have a wide variety of pizzas that are famous in Australia.

All these outlets are spread across in most of the cities and towns of the country. So, which one are you walking into today? 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Pizza Franchise Opportunities In India

  1. Ram sahith

    Franchises provide a wide variety of chances to become an entrepreneur.

    I like viewing web sites which comprehend the price of delivering the excellent useful resource free of charge. I truly adored reading your posting. Thank you!

  2. Kathi Nation

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    Franchising since: 2018
    Franchise units:
    Initial investment: 600000 INR
    Royalty Fees: 6%

    KathiNation™ Brand run by Food & Beverages based at Noida,Uttar Pardesh. KathiNation™ is proudly Indian Rolls, Biryani chain & one of the leading Chain in India. Every KathiNation OUTLET rolls,biryani their own fresh dough every day and abundantly tops every rolls, biryani with only the freshest ingredients including Franchise fee.

  3. Nikhil singh

    I am nikhil singh froma Maunath bhanjan
    I want to interested in domino pizza .
    In front way soom room available

  4. Dinesh Parimal

    How is Bractburd pizza franchise in 2019??
    They are offering franchise under 5 lakh.
    I am seeing alot of their promotion on google,Facebook & instagram.

    I want pizza franchise but other brands cost is high, and my budget is limited can I take bractburd pizza franchise?
    Anyone has idea, about the bractburd pizza taste & support. They are also offering burger & tea franchise by name Chaaiseth..

    Any one has idea about their any venture & how is their support..

    1. Manish Goshwami

      Bractburd pizzas is good. They have many ventures as well.
      It’s good if you want to invest smartly, and want to get fast return.
      I have taken their Chaai Seth Franchise

    2. Ranvijay Chaudhary

      Earlier I was looking for Big brands, but their franchise fee and investment is very high.
      I was doing research from my end, and came to know about Chaai Seth Franchise from Bractburd food and beverage Pvt Ltd.
      I really love the concept of Chaai Seth and their business model is also appealing and brilliant.

  5. Aditya gupta

    I am interested in buying franchise of Mojo Pizza.
    Location- Nagpur , Maharashtra
    Please let us know when we can connect

  6. bm gupta

    nterested for franchise Domino’s/ Pizza hut for shivpuri .
    Please send me complete details on mail

  7. Jainam dagha

    I want franchise of joeys pizza how do i get it please help me

  8. Nita Nalawade

    Hello, I’m from Jalna, maharashtra, and I’m interested in dominose pizza franchise kindly reply