How to Start Hyundai Dealership Franchise: Cost and Requirements

By | March 23, 2024

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is India’s largest car manufacturer and biggest passenger car exporter. Remaining India’s largest car exporter for a consecutive 7 years period, Hyundai has 346 dealers pan India. Over and above these 346 dealers, Hyundai has 800 service centers across India which provides high quality service and solutions to its ever expanding customers.

How to Get Hyundai Franchise In India

How to Get Hyundai Dealership in India

The state of the art vehicles it produces for the society and the excellent service levels has earned Hyundai many awards. Hyundai does not award Franchise directly. One can become Hyundai dealer if they want to be. We provide here pertinent information for becoming a Hyundai dealer.

Investment & cost details to become a Hyundai Dealer

Hyundai has not directly released any information pertaining to the cost of a dealership, investment to be done, pay-back period and probable return on investments etc. However, based on the market information provided by the existing dealers of Hyundai, we are providing here some indicative information about the same.

Hyundai being an established brand in the society, stocking Hyundai products becomes important since sales happens so fast. To meet the basic stocking requirements, a minimum of 4000 Sq Ft is the required space for becoming a Hyundai dealer. Remember, just 4000 Sq.Ft. land will cost around 15 to 20 crores in major cities.

To make the interiors as per the requirement of Hyundai policies, another 5 to 6 crores will be the amount required. Apart from this, since the return on investment on such products depends on the volatility of the market and changing social scenarios in terms of finance and necessities, ensure a portion of finance is allocated towards payment of salaries and maintenance till the return on investment is realized.

Summarizing the finance requirement mentioned above, if you are ready with a total cash of 25 to 30 crores you can immediately go in for a Hyundai dealership.

Return on investment

Hyundai deals high quality high range products that are more sophisticated in nature. This being the case, it cannot be compared with a normal brand on any aspects of the business. Owing to the same, the return on investment for a Hyundai dealership can be expected within 3 to 5 years time from starting the dealership.

Remember, the exact percentage of return on investment cannot be ascertained by any standards since it is dependent on many factors like strategies adopted in sales, location in which the dealership is situated, efficiency of the management in place, promotional activities carried on, their frequency and resultant sales to the promotional activities etc.

If you are selected to become a dealer of Hyundai, ascertain the kind of promotional activities which would fetch you huge business so you can target for an earlier break even and return on investment than the indicated one.

Process to apply for the Hyundai dealership

To get associated with Hyundai Motor India Limited as a dealer, fill in the application form available in the Hyundai website. Fill in all pertinent details asked for in a proper manner and submit the same. Information collected through this application form is mainly personal contacts and your financial capability. Attach all the documents being asked for before submitting.

Alternatively, print the application form, fill in all the details, and attach the required forms and proofs with the same. Submit the complete bunch to the Hyundai India Regional office nearby. If your papers satisfy all criterions, you will be called for further discussions to make you a dealer of the well established brand in India.

Apply For Hyundai Dealership

  • Email:
  • Call: 1800-11-4645 or 098-7356-4645

Become a Hyundai Motor India Limited dealer and sharpen your business skills while earning huge profits through an established business model. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How to Start Hyundai Dealership Franchise: Cost and Requirements

  1. Dilip luhar

    Good morning
    Within Kutch, Hyundai showroom is located inside Gandhidham, while in Bhachau and Rapar taluka, there are many Hyundai cars, I want to open an auto rice service station in one center of these two talukas, if you are willing, you can contact me.
    Dilip luhar 9725436751

  2. P.Shreedharan

    I am having own place at chennai nearly 20000 sqft vacant land with 6000sqft built up area,itis suitable for
    Hyundai work shop or service centre if any body interested pls contact me.


      I have a land in palanpur – Ahmedabad nh rod 10000 sq ft land
      Hyundai service center and body workshop interested in my contact pls
      Sir my contact 9913071330

  3. Khan Umar

    Hello sir
    I am a land owner of 4000 sq fts on national highway in kashmir district Pulwama , tehsil kakapora, and location is new byepass road .
    My plan is that I want to provide my land to Hyundai company for to stand their own dealership. So, if there is any interest you can come on spot and check location for that.
    Sir my contact is 9622650072

  4. Avishek Anand Jha

    Dear Sir/Madom
    This has came to my knowledge from very reliable sources that Hyundai Motor is looking for applicant for new Dealership at Deoghar, State Jharkhand

    I am very keen to know , If i can apply for the same

    Avishek Anand Jha

  5. Khaled M Sager (Cal)

    My name is Cal Sager, 30 years experience in the automotive business. Just sold my stocks with Mercedes Benz.
    looking for a Hyundai Franchise and i would like to get approved as a dealer principle.

  6. Davendar Hooda

    Hi m Davendar Hooda from Gohana sonipat Haryana.. I want hyundai delarship at Gohana Haryana.. I have my land at sonipat Road near maruti showroom…. I am a businessman my own shop in Grain market Gohana.. I have 20 acer agricultural land in Gohana.