How to Start Michael’s Ice Cream Burger Franchise

By | April 26, 2024

If you want to open Michael’s Ice Cream Burger franchise in your area, then you are in the right place. A great entrepreneur is the one who spends less money to make good profits. 

You can get Michael’s Ice Cream Burger Franchise for as low as Five Lakhs plus tax. The franchise was established by an Entrepreneur, Varun Michael Sequeira. “HAKUNA MATATA” is the motto of his life and he never ceases to enjoy the magic of living life to the fullest!! With his business acumen, experience, and travel, he was able to carve out the perfect “low investment high-profit business model”.

How to Start Michael’s Ice Cream Burger Franchise

“During my visit to New York City’s Coney Island, I happened to have a crunchy hot Cake, as soon as I had the first bite; I knew there could be something more of a twist added to make it spectacular. After a little brainstorming with a couple of chefs in New York, we came up with a spectacular recipe for “the perfect ice cream burger”.

And thus was born “Michael’s Ice Cream Burger “!!!

How to get started with Michael’s Ice Cream Burger

Franchise Fee Cost: 

  • Setup Cost – (Vehicle or Kiosk) – Five Lakhs plus Tax
    • In addition, you may choose any of the following
      • Unit Franchise: One Lakh plus tax
      • City Master Franchise: Two Lakhs plus tax
      • State Master Franchise: Three Lakhs plus tax

The franchise term is for 5 years and the cost of the renewal is the same as the initial franchise fee. 

Royalties on Total Sales

  • Unit Franchise: 10 percent of the total sales
  • City Master Franchise: 5 percent of the total sales
  • State Master Franchise: 3 percent of the total sales. 

Payment of the franchise fee to be paid to bloc the said location. The balance amount to be paid during the signing of agreement to purchase and build the vehicle. Transportation will be extra from Bangalore to franchise request location. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. How much will I need to invest: Six Lakhs plus tax and an initial working capital of Fifty thousand. 
  2. How much is the marketing funds contribution: All marketing will be done on actual as per individual franchise choice. 
  3. Who are my Target Customers: Corporate Offices or Tech parks, schools, colleges, private or public events. 
  4. How large a territory does an each unit franchise get: 5 km operating radius in public spaces. There will be bi limits for private events. 
  5. What if another franchise porches my clients? That will not be allowed, each franchise can state his clientele as and when they close the same will be shown to the competing franchise and whoever has stated first, the client will belong to them. 
  6. How long does it take to build my MIB vehicle/kiosk? Approximately 30 to 45 days
  7. What support will I receive from MIB?
    1. You will recei complete support in terms of:
      1. Build up, Design and Menu.
      2. Latest recipes from our Research and Development team (New York)
      3. Ingredients and all supplies required for your sales
      4. Corporate training to Employee
      5. Corporate training to Owner on sale strategies
      6. Brand Name Identity and trade Mark
      7. Superior operating system and work flow chart
  8. Why MIB and not any other brand?
    1. It is a unique and first of its kind ice cream burger, which has never been done ever. 
    2. It attracts customer in both hot and cold seasons
    3. With its unique design and front photo booth, it attracts customers and becomes the talk of the town very easily. 
    4. All ingredients, stationary, recipe etc. are provided to franchise. You need to only concentrate on sales. 
    5. Since its a mobile vehicle, it can go to the crows and change locations frequently. 
    6. Since it is battery operated, it is environmentally friendly and can be placed in Malls or any indoor locations too. 
    7. Low overheads and operating cost provides max prive margin of 300%. Keeping it the highest profit margins compare to any other brand. 
    8. With a full charted inventory sheets and process, there is no wastage or pilferage amongst employees. 

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Corporate Office

Michael’s Icecream Burger

No 42, Sama Towers

3rd Floor Church Street

Near Empire Hotel. Off MG Road

Bangalore – 560001

Contact Number: 080 – 23386664, 8861611919


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