How to Start Hero Moto Corp Franchise Dealership In India

By | February 23, 2024

Motorbikes form the major travel mode in the roads of India. Hero Motors which is now renamed as Hero Moto Corp is the major motor biker seller in India. With 6000 authorized dealerships across India, the high demand for this brand motor bikes have always been the case since the inception of the Company. Motor bikes are vehicles that are used every day. So wear and tear of the same is inevitable.

This being the case, servicing of the vehicle as well as purchasing new bikes happens on a regular basis giving rise to a lot of business opportunities. Hero Moto Corp has won the Business Leader of the Year award for the year 2013.

Hero Moto Corp Dealership: Cost, Investment and Profit

How to get Hero Moto Corp Dealership

How beneficial can Franchise dealership of Hero Moto Corp be?

Becoming a Hero Moto Corp Franchise will be the most rewarding business opportunity one can get for a life time. The key advantage in taking this Franchise is that the business never gets slackened for lack of market. The brand boasts of not one or two but 19 models of motor bikes.

The increasing traffic on the roads and the demand for bikes to manage such hectic traffic will keep the business alive perpetually. At the same time, owing to the bad conditions of the roads and other environmental factors, the good quality Hero Moto Corp vehicles may require regular servicing. Thus, the scope for sales as well as service of the high quality Hero Moto Corp is an evergreen business.

Investment required for starting a Hero Moto Corp Dealership

Though there is no direct information from Hero Moto Corp about the investment to be done for starting a Hero Moto Corp dealership, an indicative figure with reference to its peers is presented here for the benefit of those who want to start Hero Moto Corp dealership. While the initial investment will be a minimum of 40 to 50 Lakhs which covers spare parts and interiors. The floor space required may be around 3000 square feet.

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Hero Moto Corp gives complete Training support to the Franchisee sales and service staff on the designs and layouts so they are equipped to handle customers with more precision and efficiency. The interiors of the Hero Moto Corp must be as per the specifications laid down by the brand.

While the return on investment is usually dependant on the market, the probable ROI for a typical Hero Moto Corp is considered to be 18% minimum which includes Hero Corp spare parts, revenue earned from workshop and sales of vehicles.

How can I apply for a Hero Moro Corp dealership?

The first think we would like to inform you is not to seek assistance of any broker who claims to get you Hero Moto Corp dealership or third parties to interact between you and Hero Moto Corp. Directly get in touch with Hero Moto Corp Head office or any of their regional offices near you.

Provide them all pertinent data they may ask for like a detailed profile of yours, area where you are seeking the dealership, the floor space you have identified for the Franchise, your investment plans for the Franchise and any other details they may ask for. Hero Moto Corp reserves the right of approving you as their dealer signing a dealership agreement.

To quicken the process, understand clearly their complete requirement through face to face discussion. After making every aspect of the requirement ready, seek dealership.

Hero Moto Corps contact details

There is a toll free number where you can get all your dealership queries answered. The number is 1800 266 0018.

Address, phone of Corporate and registered office and websites of Hero Moto Corps in India are given below.


Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
34, Community Centre, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi – 110057, India.
Tel: +91-11-26142451, 26144121
Fax: +91-11-26143321, 26143198

Striking a Hero dealership deal with one of the best Motor Bike companies in India may be your first step towards success. Apply for a Hero Moto Corp Franchise and move forward joining hands with one of the top notch Motor Bike companies in India. 🙂

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