How to Start Adidas Franchise and Authorised Dealership

By | October 2, 2020

India has become a lot more brand conscious when compared to what it was a few years back. In the earlier days, brand was simply associated with cost and people refused to buy branded clothes for this reason. Today, people have learnt to associate brands with quality. They ask for specific brands that have good name in the society in the product line they deal with.

Adidas Franchise Business Opportunity & Dealership

Adidas franchise and authorised dealership in India

Particularly when it comes to footwear and apparels, high awareness and knowledge of fashion makes people go in for brands that have well established themselves in the market. This trend has become more of a status symbol which people yearn for even during normal times.

The style signatures created by such brands have great value in the minds of people adding value to the trend set in peoples mind. Adidas, the international apparel brand is one such signature brand. We will look in detail about the cost of investment and space requirement for becoming a Franchise of Adidas in India.

Becoming an Adidas Franchise is a prudent business decision

Adidas doesn’t need any introduction. The brand is such an established one that it has its own fan following and customers who does not seek buying apparel and footwear of any other brand. Be it the quality or the design, Adidas not only offers all that is the current trend but also creates trend that are followed by other competitive. This way, it acts as the pioneer in setting trends to many in the field dealing with marketing similar products.

Adidas as a strong brand has been monopolizing the sports accessories sector for many years now though some brands tried to establish themselves as competition to Adidas. However, unable to match the quality and price offering that Adidas provided, many brands vanished with time. This has made Adidas an unannounced leader in the sports accessories and apparels industry till date.

Anyone who wants to become a Franchise for the Adidas brand has the brand name as the first and foremost selling point. The brand speaks volumes about itself avoiding the necessity for carrying out any marketing campaign or brand establishing activities. This makes the life of the Franchise easy to focus on just selling and properly servicing the existing customer base.

Cost of Investment and Space requirements to become an Adidas franchise in India

The cost requirement for becoming an Adidas Franchise is approximately 30 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs. This cost is inclusive of whatever marketing cost is needed in the particular area of opening the Franchise. The cost also includes cost of fixtures in the showroom, deposit towards dealership, interior decorations as per Adidas requirements and furniture requirements in the Franchise showroom.

Adidas recommends opening a Franchise in main market areas and shopping malls which has the potential to attract crowds of people. The minimum space requirement recommended by Adidas for opening a Franchise showroom is 1000 Square feet to 1500 square feet.

Probable Return on investment

People who become a Franchise for Adidas can expect the break even in 2 years. Remember this break even period is totally based on many factors like contacts established and sales potentiality of the area in which the Franchise showroom is opened among many other factors.

Adidas India Marketing Ltd,
Plot No-93 Institutional Area, Sector-32, Gurgaon
Landline phone No.: 0124 4569100
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The return on investment during the first few years can be anywhere between 15% and more based on the efforts and business capabilities of the Franchise owner. Apply for an Adidas Franchise by filling in the form available for the purpose in their official website and become the prestigious Franchise of Adidas, one of the best international brands in India. 🙂

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