How to start a Little Millennium Franchise?

By | March 29, 2024

Little Millennium is the Best Preschool Chain in India. It is one of India’s largest and most respected names in education. They put emphasis on building the right foundation for the children through play activities and collaborative group work. Little Millennium preschool is considered one of the fastest growing preschool brands in India. Not to mention, it consists 500 preschool centers across 100 and has served over 50,000 children till date.
Little Millennium preschools get the children ready to take the First Big Step into the world of structured learning. Indeed, it ensures holistic development of every child by following Sequential Learning and Developmental Milestones through its preschool curriculum developed exclusively for 2-6-year-old. The curriculum aims to provide children with a solid academic foundation by implementing a multi-sensory integrated approach to early education.

Vision & Mission of Little Millennium

Little Millennium’s Vision is to enable, energize and enhance childhood by fostering the growth of mind, body, and spirit, which will help children to become lifelong learners.
Little Millennium’s Mission is To nurture young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provide opportunities that will help them realize their true potential.
Opening a Preschool is one of the most profitable franchise opportunity in India. It offers high returns on low investment. This is the highest time to explore the opportunity of opening your own preschool due to the enormous demand for preschool education from parents and the lack of quality preschool curriculum. The key factors behind the increase in demand for preschool education are:
(1) Increased awareness of Indian consumers about the importance of early childhood education.
(2) Higher tendency to spend on education by parents.
(3) Increased realization to send children to preschools to develop and prepare for K12 admissions.
(4) Increasing demand for scientifically developed preschool curriculum.
(5) Parent’s desire to equip children with vital skills and learnings at an early age.

Minimum requirements needed to become a Little Millennium franchisee:

(1) Love for children and budding learners
(2) Business Acumen with a long-term vision in mind
(3) Passion for Growth and Entrepreneurial Spirit
(4) Investment Capability of Rs. 10 – 15 Lakhs
(5) 2,000 – 2,500 Square feet of built-up area, preferably on the ground floor in a residential locality

Little Millennium Preschool Franchise Advantages:

(1) Opportunity to partner with India’s leading education company and the inventors of Smart Class and Educomp
(2) License to use the Brand, Little Millennium, the best preschool franchise in India
(3) Access to “Seven Petal” preschool curriculum created by childcare experts
(4) Marketing And Branding Support to increase preschool admissions
(5) Comprehensive Training is given across the year
(6) Regular Academic Support is provided to help the franchise in implementing curriculum
(7) Guidance on Local Area Marketing idea and operating a Day Care Center and activity center to maximize brand awareness
(8) Management of preschool operations by getting an access to IT/Software Systems
(9) Guidance on additional activities like Summer Camps, Sports Curriculum, Sports  Curriculum, Kids Marathon, Field-trips etc.
(10) Aid in preschool teacher selection, teacher training, and performance evaluation
(11) Quality audits and Personalized Support that may result in higher profits
(12) Exclusive access to scientifically developed curriculum and Educomp Smart Class
(13) Access to great advice from experts to identify a suitable location, and set up world-class preschool infrastructure
(14) Exceptional advice on local area marketing to attract more admissions and maximize brand awareness

Requirements for Franchise Investment:

(1) Single Unit: INR 10 L – INR 15 L
(2) Franchise Fee: INR 2.5 L
(3) Equipment: Included In Single Unit Investment
(4) Furniture And Fixtures: Included in the single unit investment
(5) Advertising / Marketing: Brochures / Pamphlet / Marketing Materials would be provided by the brand
(6) Expected Pay Back Period: 12 – 15 Months
(7) The Expected Return On Investment To The Franchisee: 150% – 200%
(8) Any Other Investment Needed: No
(9) Looking Expansion In Areas: Pan India
(10) Required Property For This Franchise Opportunity: Residential Ground Floor
(11) Required  Floor Area: 1500 Sq.ft – 3000 Sq ft
(12) Preferred  Location  For Unit  Franchise: Easy Approachable / High Street / High Footfall Area
(13) Office  Staff Required: Yes (Faculty, Office Staff, Marketing person )
(14) Computer  / System: Yes
(15) Internet  Connection: Yes

Details of Franchisee Training:

(1) Field  Assistance Available  For  Franchisees: Yes
(2) Franchise  Training programs: Yes
(3) Detailed  Operating Manuals  For Franchisees: Yes
(4) Need of IT System: Computer, Printer & CCTV Camera
(5) Assistance  From Head Office To Franchisee: Yes

Franchisee Other Details:

(1) Have  standard Franchise  Agreement: Yes
(2) Franchise  Term: 5 Years ( Renewable )

Terms and Conditions:

Indian Laws govern the terms and conditions. Any/All disputes, controversies and conflicts that arise out of the Program shall be settled through the regular judicial process and the court of Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to any matter arising hereof.

Refund and Cancellation policy:

The amount will be refunded back to the customer’s account within 5-8 working days if the payment is not successful. Furthermore, no refunds for online payments once approved.

Franchise Inquiry:

Phone: +91-9811735229
Phone: +91-9884056699 / +91-9731322777 / +91-9962556555
Phone: +91-8819023000 / +91-9810067026
Phone: +91-9819212021 / +91-8889033310

Contact Us:

(1) Corporate Office:
Little Millennium Education PVT. LTD. (LMEPL)
Building No. 9, 2nd Floor, Corporate Park, V. N. Purav Marg Chembur East, Mumbai-400071
Phone: +91-22-40942900
(2) Registered Office:
Little Millennium Education PVT. LTD. (LMEPL)
Plot No. 514, Udyog Vihar, Phase-III,
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122011
Phone: 0124-4536350
You can also send an email to
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