Tata Motors Dealership Franchise: Cost, Profit and ROI

By | August 15, 2021

If you want to start your own Tata motors dealership in India, then you are on right place. Tata Motors does not need an introduction. Even a child knows much about the Tata Group and Tata Motors is one of the off shoots from such a powerful business group.

How to Open Tata Motors Dealership


Tata Motors, one of the largest automobile Companies in India has given to the country the biggest range of utility vehicles and cars. The Cars it produces are in different price ranges and leads the commercial vehicle arena for a long duration now. Tata Nano being one of the cheapest cars in the world, Tata Motors has to its credit many such incomparable achievements.

Advantages of becoming a TATA Motors Franchise

The advantages of becoming a Franchise for Tata Motors are innumerable and immeasurable. While becoming a Franchise for other brands you need not worry about spending on Brand building and marketing, becoming a Franchise for Tata Motors will make you branded through its high influence levels.

The influence of Tata Motors is so high on our society that when you call yourself a TATA Franchise you get preference over the competition at all points of time.

Almost all the cars from the Tata Motors are selling in high volumes and have received positive feedback from customer. This fact will act as a selling point for itself making you do just the invoicing and delivery aspects of operations.

Tata Motors Franchise means assisting the customers in spare part requirements and vehicle servicing too. The positive impression of the customers will make your service deals more of a routine one than complaining ones due to poor quality.

Tata Motors provides thorough Training on new models and on spare parts and servicing aspect too for the employees appointed in the Franchise. They provide support in terms of selecting the showroom, interior decoration of the showroom adhering to the parent company’s protocols and so many other aspects one could aspire for.

Investment and other costs for becoming a Tata Motors Franchise

The overall investment to be made to become a Franchise for such a coveted prestigious parent company like Tata Motors is understandably a whooping 10 crores of rupees. This 10 crores investment is divided under various heads like workshop equipment, cost of vehicle inventory, spare parts and operational requirements like purchasing computer hardware, software, vehicle support etc.

Car dealership also is one of the heads in which a huge portion of the investment is done. The division of funds on the various heads mentioned above varies between metro cities and towns. The division of the same depends on the potentiality of the Franchise location and business prospects which differs from location to location. Ascertain from similar sources already established in the market or Tata Motors about the probable amount that may be bifurcated against each of the above heads.

The minimum space requirement to operate a Tata Motors showroom in major metro cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai are 5000-6000 sq. ft. The space requirement in towns is minimum 3000 to 4000 Sq Ft. The workshop or service station space requirement in major cities range between 30000 Sq. Ft. to 35000 Sq. Ft. and in small towns it is 15000 Sq. Ft to 20000 Sq. Ft.

If sales, spare parts and service stations are to be operated in a combined manner from a single area, then the space requirement for the same in major metros is 55000 Sq. Ft to 65000 Sq. Ft. The space required for such combined operations in Towns is 30000 Sq Ft. to 40000 Sq. Ft.

Tata Motors Franchise / Dealership Contacts: Phone number, contact person and email address

Registered office of Tata Motors is at Mumbai, Address is mentioned below-Bombay House
24 Homi Mody Street, Fort
Mumbai – 400001
Phone no : Registered or corporate office +91 22 66658282
Commercial Vehicles Business Unit / Passenger Vehicles Business Unit – 022-66586000
International Business – 022-67577200

Regional Office – North
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) – 011-23341254 / 011-23342151 | Cars & Utility Vehicles – (0124) 2805141 – 45

Regional Office – South
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) – 080-66373 (400 to 409) | Cars & Utility Vehicles – (044) 66500900

Regional Office – East
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) – 033-66272700 | Cars & Utility Vehicles – (033) 66262600 / 66262658

Regional Office – West
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) – 022-67927272 | Cars & Utility Vehicles – (022) 66930400/401/402/40, (079) 66009900

Manufacturing Locations
Pune – 020 – 66131111 | Dharwad – 0836-2486633/ 2486877 | Jamshedpur – 0657 – 2281500/2286875 Pantnagar – 05944-663000/ 663131 | Lucknow – 0522-2818012/20/32

Apply for a Tata Motors Franchise-ship filling in the 20 pages form downloading the same from Tata Motors website. Complete guidance is provided through this form. 🙂

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