How to Open a Starbucks Franchise: Fees and ROI

By | October 30, 2022

All want to earn a living in a respectful manner. Having a Starbucks franchise is one such option. If you have in mind that you want to have a Starbucks franchise you must be aware of certain facts. Let us see what steps are to be taken to have such a franchise.

Starting a Starbucks Franchise In Your Area

Starbucks franchise

Let us first know about Starbucks. If you think of coffee or Cappuccino the name that comes to mind is Starbucks. They are the leader in delivering excellent coffee that is made by roasting high quality coffee beans. They are located all over the world, having their main office at Seattle USA. They try to provide a place where people can chat, exchange views over a cup of coffee or Cappuccino. They try to add a human touch to their service which makes them the unique store.

The first thing that is required to have a franchise of Starbucks is to have a mentality like that what is said above. Now let us come to the reality. You must first realize that Starbucks does not sell independent franchise. They give license to like minded business man to open licensed Starbucks store along with the other business that they run.
It is very important to select the position where you want to have such a Starbucks store.

The Starbucks stores are generally found in airports, colleges or at supermarkets. So, you also need to have a store located in such a position. You may be thinking why it that Starbucks is so particular about the location of store is. After considerable research they have found out that those are the places where their unique product will have enough customers to whom you can carter.

Starbucks is coming to India with collaboration with Tata coffee. They are opening a joint venture and you can also be a part of that. For being a part of that you need to apply for a franchise. Let us know how to apply.

They do not make it public what are the qualifying requirements to have a franchise of them. You can start the process by applying to have one going to their website. After you have made the application it will be studied and evaluated by teams at Starbucks to find out if they think you to be an option to offer the franchise. They will inform you about their decision.

Though they are not public with their desired requirements for having a franchise, you can make a sense about it by going to their existing store and making a survey. It is better to apply after having an understanding about that, so that your application is not rejected.

They ask you certain questions to evaluate you. They may like information regarding your financial status, business name, website, the liabilities that you have, the net asset worth and the amount you can invest in opening a store of that stature. Be very careful about answering these questions as upon these answer it will depend whether or not you are getting a franchise.

They may also ask if you have ever applied for such a Franchise from them and for how many locations you are asking the license for now. This reflects that they want experienced business man into their business. After allotting the franchise they offer you the products along with necessary training.

Coming to cost of opening such a store you must be certain that you have financial capability to have a store at such locations, do an interior like other Starbucks store and have the mentality to run such a store of a world reputed organization.

Starbucks Franchise Contact Information:

You do not need to think about profit. Just have the mentality of Starbucks and over quality service you will be certain to have profits. 🙂

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