How to Start NIIT Technologies Educational Franchise

By | September 17, 2021

Computer studies have become an inevitable part of learning and education today. It adds value to the person who is already highly educated academically. Higher academic studies however have become less meaningful when computer knowledge does not accompany it in today’s context.

NIIT Technologies Franchise:  Cost, Investment and Return

NIIT technologies educational franchise

People are more inclined towards becoming computer literate and illiteracy or lack of computer knowledge is considered a big minus. While many computer institutes have invaded the Indian education sector, none of them are comparable to NIIT. We enlist below key details pertaining to becoming a NIIT Franchise in India.

How wise it is to start a NIIT Franchise?

NIIT which was started in 1981 was initially into computer education. Through the years it has become one of India’s leading Global Talent Development Corporation. It focuses in providing the Indian business with trained human resources.

The prestigious institution has made its presence felt in more than 40 countries. NIIT trains students in mainstream fields like Finance, IT, Insurance and Banking. Besides these, NITT also imparts trainings in the field of Vocational Skills, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Executive Management Association and Business Process management (BPM).

The country today witnesses around 3500 NIIT centers across India preparing students for their future career enabling achievement of their objectives. It has received the Top IT Training Company in India award for the past 18 years continuously from the famous IT Magazine Data Quest. This is not the only award that has been given to NIIT. NIIT through its employment oriented courses has been recognised for many awards by many organizations.

During the year 2010, Franchise plus Magazine awarded it Franchiser of the Year Award for Education and Information Technology. The Economic Times has declared NIIT as the Most Trusted Education Brand through a survey it conducted in the year 2011. Again, during the same year, the Franchise India awarded NIIT as the Best Franchise to work for Award. Franchise India also awarded it the Best Education Company to work with in the same year.

All the above facts prove by themselves the value proposition the becoming a Franchise for NIIT brings with it. The details that are yet to be understood regarding becoming a Franchise for NIIT are the cost of investment and return on the same. We will discuss about the same in the forthcoming paragraphs

Cost of Investment to become a NITT Franchise

The cash component required to become a NITT Franchise is a reasonable one for the kind of brand it is. The total amount required to become a NITT Franchise is 15 to 20 Lakhs only. However, if the Franchise wants to make the centre look professional with all high class facilities, the investment may raise up to 40 Lakhs.

NIIT being a famous brand, the demand for the professional courses training it offers is also very high. Owing to this the volume of enrollment in each centre differs. The location in which the NIIT Franchise is located also plays a crucial role in deciding the student capacity in the Franchise center.

Taking all these things into consideration, NIIT recommends a minimum of 1500 to 3000 square feet space for a Franchise center. NIIT provides the Franchise with its brand materials to be displayed in the Franchise centre. The basic courses are all designed by NIIT and made available to students online. The responsibility of the Franchise gets limited to appoint suitable tutors.

With all the Marketing and advertisement Support, Systems and Training Support offered by NIIT to its Franchisees success is just a door away for NIIT Franchisees. Apply through the Application Form from the purpose in NIIT official website to become its Franchise. 🙂

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