How to Get McDonald’s Franchise In India

By | August 31, 2023

If you want to open McDonald’s Franchise in India then you are on right place. Complete details of Mcdonald’s franchise cost, fees, investment, profit and contact details. Food industry has never seen a slump in India for decades now. As long as hungry and food loving people exist, food industry will flourish. Quick Service Restaurants have been in vogue in India for almost the past 15+ years and McDonald’s has played a pioneering role in bringing such a trend to India. Running 35,000 restaurants across 100 countries, the customer base of McDonald’s is a whooping high number of 70 million.

How to Open McDonald’s Franchise

McDonald's Franchise Cost & Opportunities

Advantages in becoming a McDonald’s Franchisee

Anyone who wants to become a McDonalds Franchisee can do so with free mind. This is because of the many advantages that it offers in a direct and indirect manner. First, the investment with respect to taking the distributorship is limited to selling and does not extend to branding and marketing. There are no advertisement costs incurred by the Franchisees since the brand is a well established one.

The other major advantage in taking the McDonald’s Franchisee is the well established quality and taste of the brand which acts as the main selling point.

The third main advantage of becoming a McDonald’s Franchisee is the hassle free product or food availability all round the clock which helps to service the customer in a speedy manner.

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Becoming a McDonald’s Franchisee

The basic thing that needs to be understood well about taking a McDonald Franchisee is the different types of deals offered by McDonald. These deals differ from location to location and the menu changes accordingly.

When you have clearly understood their business models, decide on which model you want to be associated with them. Mobilize everything required and go in for the much coveted McDonald Franchisee in India

McDonald’s Franchise Investment cost based on deals

McDonald’s deal for starting a Traditional Restaurant requires a basic outflow of $45000. Such traditional restaurants typically are located in food courts, freestanding buildings and store fronts. McDonald’s Franchisee agreement for such Traditional Restaurant is for a period of 20 years.

The other type of deal that McDonald’s offer to its Franchisees is referred to as Satellite Locations Quick Service offerings. While the initial investment for starting such type of food joints is $22,500, the duration of Franchisee-ship differs for different locations. Locations of a typical McDonald’s Franchisee under this deal are Strip centre, Universities, Airport, Store, hospitals etc.

Apart from the above two locations, there are two more location types that McDonalds offers distributorships for. They are called as the STO locations and STR locations. While STO location denotes Small Town Oil locations the initial investment to start a McDonald Franchisee in such oil stations is between $172,425 and $627050. To start McDonalds in Gas stations, the initial investment is between $ 837,750 and $1.2 million.

Apart from the above mentioned initial investment for the different types of locations, every Franchisee is charged 4% Royalty fee per month which is dependent on the gross sales of the month. This Royalty fee is combined with the rent or the percentage of the same on gross sales of the month. The break even period anticipated for McDonalds Franchisee in India is approximately 2 to 3 years.

Visit the official website of McDonald’s

Become a McDonald Franchisee in India and service the people with high quality foods while making huge profits providing excellent business offers. 🙂

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