How to Start Dr Batra’s Franchise: Cost, Procedure and Fees

By | May 26, 2024

Dr Batra’s Homeopathy clinics are the talk of the town today and medicine of tomorrow without a doubt. With over 100 clinics spread across India and more than 250 trained Homeopaths servicing from the same, Dr Batra’s services to the society is highly commendable. Dr Batra’s which has been in existence since 1982 started offering Franchise opportunities effective 2012.

Starting Dr Batra’s Franchise In India

Dr. Batra's Franchise

This largest chain of Homeopathy clinics in the world targets to open 300 more Franchise in the Indian terrain in the near future. We provide complete details pertaining to becoming Dr. Batra’s Franchise. We hope the information provided helps you to become a successful Franchise of Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy clinic.

Reasons for becoming a Dr Batra’s Franchise

Recently the World Health Organization has declared Homeopathy science as the world’s 2nd largest medicine system in the current scenario. While researches show that the market share of Homeopathy is approximately 26,000 crores, in India alone around 12 crore people use Homeopathy medicines over the English medicines.

Worldwide nearly 40 crore people go in for Homeopathy medicines under the guidance of more than 8 Lakhs Homeopathic practitioners. While modern medicines treat physical ailments in a temporary manner, Homeopathy medicines cuts the roots of the ailments completely providing a permanent relief from the same.

Owing to this effective treatment many imminent personalities and famous people are drifting from other types of medicines to Homeopathy. It’s effectiveness in treating even chronic physical ailments like thyroid, arthritis, allergies and many other skin related problems is a proven success which makes many drift to Homeopathy increasing the efficacy of this medical science.

All the above goes to prove that the next big thing expected to happen in India is the invasion of Homeopathy as a medical science and treatment for people’s ailments.

Initial investment required to become Dr Batra’s Franchise

To become Dr Batra’s Franchise, you must make ready a space of about 300 Sq. Ft for opening the clinic. The investment required for opening a Dr Batra’s Franchise in the above mentioned space is approximately 20 to 30 Lakhs.

This initial investment is also dependent on many other factors like the area in which it is going to be opened, the business prospects in the location etc. Dr Batra’s recommends the space planned for starting a Franchisee to be in a prime market or shopping location which will increases the business prospects by multitude.

At the beginning Dr Batra’s offers dealership only for 5 years. Based on the management and success of the business in the planned area, the Franchise agreement becomes renewable and this is at the sole discretion of Dr Batra’s management.

When can the Return on investment expected

The probable period of return on investment for a typical Dr Batra’s Franchise is one and a half to two years. This time frame is arrived from the existing statistics based on the performance of other Franchise operational for some time now. The percentage of return on investment is estimated to be approximately 60% of the gross sales and when territorial rights are given to the Franchisees, the cake is completely yours.

Dr Batra’s support to Franchisees

Whoever wants to become Dr Batra’s Franchise gets 100% support and training from the parent company on all aspects. Right from choosing the location for the Franchise clinic to design of the layout and architecture, the parent company ensures complete support is provided to the new Franchise. It also provides product training to the staff along with centralized sales and marketing support through various modes like Internet and Media.


For clarity, get in touch with Dr Batra clinic through their official website.

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