Best Coffee Shop Franchise Business In India (Coffee Chains)

By | February 27, 2019

A coffee shop is not just a place to have a cup of coffee. It is a place where you can meet friends, family, co-workers or maybe even close a business deal. India, as an emerging nation, is growing at a fast pace to become one of the top coffee markets in the world. Coffee shops capture the imagination of sipping customers by providing a relaxed ambience that caters to youngsters, working professionals or just about anybody.

Top 10 Most Favorite Coffee Chains In India

10 of the Best Coffee Franchises You Should Know

A buzz among the coffee shops and cafe culture in India is on the rise. The main reason for the success of a coffee shop lies in the quality, taste and the ambience of the cafe. Be it the young or the old, a cafe seems to be the most happening place for nowadays.

Since more and more people are craving for such coffee shops where they can network and relax, so is the business growing. Here are the top 10 best coffee shop franchises that are ruling the Indian market as of today.

1) Cafe Coffee Day

How can one say no to a cup of coffee from this franchise? A part of India’s biggest coffee concoction, is the favorite coffee shop among all Indians. This largest retail cafe chain is ideal for the young and the old to unwind.

2) Indian Coffee House

The oldest coffee franchise run by a set of working cooperative society members has a strong hold in this sector with almost 400 chains all over India. This cafe is owned and managed by the employees itself.

3) Barista Cafe and Restaurant

Barista is a leading developer of Indian cafe culture. They have authentic flavors of coffee with cafes spread over many cities in India. This cafe is ideal for people to catch up and relax over a cup of coffee in their comfortable and friendly surrounding. This place also offers a wide range of snacks to go along with coffee.

4) Costa Coffee

Costa coffee was first introduced by the Costa brothers Sergio and Bruno who worked to give special Mocha Italian blend of coffee to its customers. Now this coffee franchise has many outlets all over India and is planning to expand over the years.

5) Brewberrys Café

Brew Berrys Hospitality Pvt Ltd a startup by young Hotel management entrepreneurs is now one of the fastest growing chains in India. With its first cafe in Gujarat, the chain now has 45 stores in 15 cities across India.

largest coffee chains in India

6) Cafe Mocha

Cafe mocha is one of India’s popular coffee chains which has its inspiration from coffee houses of Morocco and turkey where people gather to spend time over coffee, Hookah and conversations. Indian now enjoys the simple pleasures of life in the cafe with beautiful surrounding, good food and great coffee.

7) Starbucks Coffee Company

Globally famous American based coffee company is the world’s largest coffee chain. With more than 20,000 outlets all over the world, it has around 10 outlets in India committed to serve great quality coffee.

8) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Restaurant and Cafe

Producing premium coffee since 1963, this cafe has grown over the years by producing best tasting coffee. They have expanded along four diverse lines as high street cafes, cafes in malls, cafe as kiosk and in many exclusive offices.

9) Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Australian owned and operated cafe chain had spread its wings globally. It is dedicated to offer highest quality coffee to all its customers. They work with utter deduction to achieve their mission of being the most loved coffee company globally.

10) Georgia Coffee

Coffee produced with quality standards is served by Georgia coffee in all its outlets. Their coffee blends in a jar are a favorite among their customers in India.

11) Cafe Amul Franchise

These famous coffee chains give the best quality coffee in perfect surroundings for the people to unwind and relax with friends and family. There are many cafes and coffee chains yet to be opened in India. All the above mentioned coffee shops vary on their prices depending on their specialty. They also have some of their in house famous beverages, which you must try when you are there.

Be it families relaxing evening or a long time no meet friend’s catch up, all of these are ideal for all situations. So, which one are you heading to today? 🙂

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